Choosing the Best Food Processor For Your Kitchen

Cooking is not merely boiling food or frying it in oil. In many cases, it requires grinding, mincing, beating, shredding, chopping, squeezing, slicing, and of course, kneading. These tasks are time consuming and tiring, so spending time on these seems to be quite difficult for a cook or a modern housewife. Luckily, now cooks can rely on “food processor” for almost all of these tasks.

So here are some desirable features which you should consider before choosing a food processor for your kitchen.


Multiple Motor Speed
An efficient processor should have multiple motor speeds, preferably with pulse button, which is good, for kneading dough and any rough chopping like carrot chopping. This helps in saving power usage as well just like the Vitamix blender, because energy needed to blend or make puree is not the same as power needed to grind some dried fruits and condiments. Furthermore, it should have a touch pad control so that it is easy to operate and easy to clean.

The motor should run smoothly, and noiselessly. This is often a complaint, and it is better check on this one, because, at times, the processor may have to be used when others are sleeping or relaxing. Besides, a smoothly running motor provides the confidence that the food processor does not have any defect. Even the power consumption of the motor should be lower.

Easy to Use Unit
There should be opening on top of each jar with the facility, to press, push, or stir the content. Usually food processor does come with a spatula for stirring. The lid of the jar allows the user to check the process, and add any water if needed or switch off the machine, when the content is ready. Likewise, the juicer unit comes with a lid that presses the fruit or vegetable at the required pressure. Similarly, chopping unit too holds the vegetable in such a way that it is sliced evenly.

Versatile in Function
It should be multifunctional, and versatile in usage. For example, the bowl used for mixing cake dough can also be used for blending or whipping other batters that do not splash. Most of these attachments of the food processor should be of standard sizes so that they can be washed easily in dishwashers.
Attachment and Accessories

Ideally, such attachments and accessories should be add-ons, i.e., the person should be able to buy them separately and use it on the same motor. Moreover, if any of add-ons such as the blades or jars get damaged, or lost, the entire food processor should not become a throwaway piece. Any new type of attachment should also be compatible with the existing motor unit. Likewise, if the motor gives way, it should be possible to purchase another motor, and use the existing attachments and accessories with it. The buyer should also have a choice to vary the sizes of such attachments of different sizes or capacity should be compatible with the motor/machine if needed.

Design and Price
The processor should be compact in design and light, in weight, so that it fits anywhere in the kitchen with ease, and does not require much space or effort to shift it.

The food processor should enjoy a good reputation in the market for its performance, and the after sales service. It should come with a reasonable warranty and its price should be competitive enough.